eight, nine, ten

when i was eight
i listened to the latest disney albums
straight hair
basic bun
pumas with silly bands up my arm
quiet kid who was always the teachers pet
mommy’s princess daddys little girl
used to stay up till 11 for lizzie mcguire and hannah montana hoping mommy won’t catch me

when i was nine
new school more terrified than ever
still so quiet you wouldn’t know i was an actress
did the basic dance challenges
no more twinkle toes faze
got my first pair of jordans
boy didn’t i think i was cool
ms.trying to be popular
still short the one who didn’t grow over summer
when i was ten
i started getting into drama
broke out of my shell more
wore crop tops and colorful skirts
still obsessed with one direction
and other popular boy bands
teen nick everyday
and classic disney movies like
cheetah girls, high school music and camp rock

all these years of change made me
the person i am today
better style
doesn’t let anyone push her around
I’m still a work in progress but
All my good qualities show!




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